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                1. Welcome to Jiangsu Laike Crop Protection Co., Ltd.
                2. Hotline: +86-519-69881009 , 68786690
                3. Jiangsu Laike Crop Protection Co., Ltd.
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                  About UsLaike

                  Established in 2005, Jiangsu Laike Crop Protection Co., Ltd. is a foreign-trade-oriented joint-stock limited company and a designated pesticide manufacturer approved by National Development and Reform Commission of China. At present, Weilike is located in Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park of Rudong County in Jiangsu Province, with 66,700sqm of lands, a registered capital of CNY 60 million and CNY 250 million of investments, including CNY 40 million investments in environmental protection. Now, we annually can produce more than CNY 300 million of products, and obtain CNY 50 million of profits and tax.

                  Our company attaches great importance to environmental protection and safety, and has reached the standard of "safety production standardization secondary enterprise"; insisting the tenet of "security is the life of enterprise, the environment is the soul of enterprise, and quality is the foundation of enterprise", we have successfully passed the standard-reaching acceptance of environmental protection, and successfully certificated to ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO9001 quality management system. We do our best to develop high efficient, low toxic, low residual, green, environmental and pollution-free pesticides.


                  2005 - The company was founded; 
                  2008 - Approved by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China as the designated manufacturer of tech grade pesticides; 

                  2009 -Approved by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province as technology-type enterprises and intellectual property establishment demonstration enterprise of Jiangsu Province; 
                  2011 - Approve by Economy Information Committee of Jiangsu Province as SME innovation ability model enterprise; 

                  2013 - Engineering technology Center passed the acceptance of Science and technology Department of Jiangsu Province; 
                  2014 - Passed the special rectification acceptance of county environmental protection department and acceptance of safety standardization second-grade enterprise;

                  2015 - Passed the pesticide verification of Jiangsu Province environmental protection bureau and environmental safety standard-reaching construction of county environmental protection department; completed the plant expansion of acephate and transformation of DCS project, as well as the equipment change of pretreatment plant; 

                  2016 - Completed the approval of relevant information of pretilachlor, Fenpropimorph, fenpropidin and cyhalofop-butyl production line project, and passed the review of expert environmental review conference.

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